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I follow you because you're a nice dude and rad as hell

Shit anon you’re gonna make me blush. I bet you’re rad too!

tell me why u follow me on anon
its true!

See this is a testimonial now you have to believe me.

Yo when I say it’s okay to start talking with me I mean it.

Real talk I will almost always answer you.

Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

Tuesday is usually a weak sauce day so I’m glad to hear that.

it doesn’t help that things are hectic at work right now, with my boss (who is cool) on leave probably because he’s in trouble for fighting his boss (who isn’t cool), and I’m used to my boss being around to help me when I have to run things

Yeah that is mad rough I see where you’re coming from. But honestly it’s probably not as hard as your brain is making it out to be and this is coming from a dude who’s had anxiety attacks I know how this goes.

What’s the best part of Gurren Lagann coming to Toonami?


Seeing a whole New generation of fans fall in love with the show and characters.

And then watching their hearts get broken into a million pieces.

Not bad, made an Explorer Adp/Dex Waifu on DkS2. Been co-oping and seeing loads of qt 3.14 Bandit waifus.

Man I want to make another DS2 build but I just don’t have it in me. I am wiped on that game.

Cluster of a day. But I have whiskey.

You see now that will help wipe away any problem.

I can’t sleep because I’m so stressed out over having to supervise at work later this week

Man that is fucked I’m sorry. But I don’t know I’m sure you’ve been mad stressed before and things have turned out okay? Don’t let your brain be an asshole and try to mess you up like that.

its gong ok tumblr user shcrodingersgat i just got off work

Hopefully it will go better now that you’re done with work but I feel that.

Hey how is everyone’s Tuesday night going anyway?